John Mercier - Greater Sarasota
John Mercier


“We were so fortunate to be able to rely on John Mercier to get the property marketed and sold. He was very professional (and wonderfully cheerful and patient!) throughout this process.” — Linda G.

“I appreciated your professionalism and the human element you brought to the task at hand … It was a genuine pleasure to know you and work with you.” — Chuck R.

“John is in every respect a people person, flexible, very focused, solid in his craft and strong in his faith.” — James J.

“John’s interpersonal skills are unsurpassed. He relates well to a wide variety of people whether it be in a social setting, a one-on-one conversation, or a board meeting.” – Laura G.

“He presents himself as a suave, sophisticated, knowledgeable person without ever being overbearing.” — Gary P.

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